Unlock Your Potential Through Outreach and Training

New South is a nonprofit organization that offers diversity outreach and training programs to educate, uplift, and inspire especially those without adequate access to careers and opportunities. Through our training, we want you to reach your full potential and live your absolute best lives.

Our History

Since New South opened its doors in the year 2000, we have placed intense focus on diversity and cultural inclusion, creating outreach and training programs that the applicant can truly connect to. We value time in classroom settings; however, we also understand that many of us learn best by being immersed in the real-life application of the skill.

Therefore, we continuously develop and offer programs that put you right in the mix. For example, New South Broadcast & Podcast Training programs take place in an actual broadcast studio equipped with all the technology right at your fingertips to really learn the ins and outs of the business. In our farming, ranching, and smart climate agriculture programs, New South ensures that you have hands-on experience, outdoor exploration, and technical assistance required to thrive in the industry.

In addition to helping people learn new skills and hone their abilities in their existing industry, our organization also encourages entrepreneurship and offers business development training for the youth, economically disadvantaged, women, and veterans who aspire to become business owners.

New South has a long and outstanding history of providing diversity outreach, training, and technical assistance programs for government employment agencies, colleges and universities, school districts, correctional youth authorities, the United States Department of Agriculture, and many others.

New South Innovators

L. Socrates Garrett, MBA

In addition to New South, Garrett is the founder and CEO of several corporations including Socrates Garrett Enterprises, Garrett Enterprises, Garrett Office Complex, and Host and Garrett Joint Venture. He is also an international speaker, producer, and host of Socrates Speaks which is a weekly podcast on economics and entertainment.

He has successfully administered prime contracts in construction, construction management, program management, operation and maintenance for several municipalities, Mississippi Emergency Management Agency, subcontracts for engineering services for the Mississippi Development Authority, the Port of Gulfport, and the city of Biloxi, Mississippi.

Garrett utilizes his enterprises to train, develop, and provide career opportunities for over 60 employees and contract personnel.

Davion Ziere

Born in Santa Barbara, CA and raised as a global citizen between Oakland, Atlanta, Mississippi, South Africa, and more; Zai is focused on being present and practicing a holistic embodiment of the world we wish to live in. He is a multi-instrumental artist, speaker, writer, bridge builder, and serial post-growth entrepreneur cultivating visions and systems that value and respect all forms of life.

He has formerly been the number one Sales Advisor for Tesla, Inc. and has successfully generated millions of dollars in revenue for his startups. He has also turned down millions of dollars from investors who were not aligned with his organization’s values. Zai has successfully empowered many people to be their best selves; not only by traditional metrics of success but also in alignment with their values.

Q. Talecia Garrett, MSW

Talecia is an outrageously courageous woman and a self-proclaimed “Life Addict.” She was born in Mississippi and raised in California. She returned to the South to use her journey to give back. She is also a cancer survivor, mother of 5, and an entrepreneur with a professional portfolio of Social Work, Project Management, and Business Development. She thrives on living life like crazy and inspiring others to do the same both personally and professionally.

Tameka Garrett

She is a Human Resources and Operations professional with over 30 years of increasing revenues and building corporate teams. Tameka currently focuses on leading with her heart. She finds her most rewarding contributions are allowing God to use her to assist others in their career and entrepreneurial pursuits.

She creates programs and strives to create positive and impactful changes. Tameka specializes in helping women build their brands and careers while putting mental and behavioral health first.